TR2 Court Booking Plugin – Pro Version

Only £249.99

Court booking software that works with any Wordpress website!

Our court booking software allows easy booking of courts for your club and members. It has been tried and tested during the past 2 years at the busy Wilton Tennis Club in Wimbledon.

To see the software in action or to test it yourself, check out our demo website here!

Features include :

  • Make, edit and cancel court bookings.
  • Charge per hour for your courts or lessons (using Woocommerce and Stripe, GoCardless or any other compatible payment gateway)
  • Ideal for smaller tennis clubs with one to five courts
  • Simple court calendar display of what’s booked and what’s available.
  • Multiple booking lengths (30min, 60min, 90min, custom) allowed.
  • Book using different categories – all names are fully customisable – Member Booking, Social Tennis, Kids Lessons etc.
  • Categories can be hidden / blanketed for members – whilst displayed to coaches.
  • Different colours for categories to highlight them.
  • Simple frontend view for Members. Comprehensive view for Admins.
  • Emails are automatically sent to the admin and the member when a booking is made, when it’s updated or when it. Add a Cc and BCc to any email too.
  • Members can cancel lessons via a secure link in their booking email.
  • Three access levels with different access rights – Members, Coaches and Admins.
  • Admins can cancel or alter lessons times/dates and send a message to the member who originally booked.
  • Any number of courts allowed.
  • Court naming – name each court with a custom name.
  • Multi-member booking – give each club member their own login/password.
  • Single-member booking – alternatively allow a single login for club members, that means only one password is needed.
  • Repeat bookings allowed (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) – you can set the start and end date.
  • Set a maximum number of bookings for members, if necessary.
  • Standard booking duration can be set (30min, 60min, custom)
  • Allow only 1 hour bookings for members option.
  • Option to stop members Cancelling within X hours.
  • Works with any WordPress website. If you use another system, please ask us.
  • Admin has full rights to add, edit, cancel any booking.
  • Member lookup when used with our member management software.
  • Admin can view bookings made by members or by email address.

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